Avesh Khan, a talented pacer from Lucknow Super Giants (LSG), recently stole the limelight with his animated victory celebration during an Indian Premier League (IPL) match. However, what made his celebration truly hilarious was the unexpected revelation about the helmet he had used. In this article, we delve into the details of Avesh Khan’s comical celebration and the surprising helmet revelation that followed.

The Animated Victory Celebration

Avesh Khan’s exuberant celebration after LSG’s triumph added a touch of humor to the intense match. As the final ball decided the outcome, Avesh and his teammate Ravi Bishnoi managed a single run, securing a thrilling one-wicket win. Overwhelmed by the victory, Avesh’s celebratory gesture became the talk of the town.

The Hilarious Twist Unveiled

In a recent interview, Avesh Khan shared an amusing detail about his celebratory act. As he removed his helmet and slammed it on the ground, little did he know that he was actually wearing Nicholas Pooran’s helmet. The revelation added a comical twist to an already exhilarating moment.

Avesh Khan's
Avesh Khan’s comical celebration: He unknowingly slams Nicholas Pooran’s helmet

The Unexpected Helmet Ownership

Avesh Khan’s confession shed light on the surprising ownership of the helmet. He candidly admitted that he had simply grabbed the nearest helmet available, without realizing it belonged to his teammate, Nicholas Pooran. The mix-up left everyone amused, including Avesh himself.

A Different Kind of Victory

For Avesh Khan, winning the game without even having to contribute with the bat brought a unique sense of accomplishment. Avesh Khan described the distinct sensation of winning a game without batting, solely relying on running. The celebration, accompanied by the unplanned helmet choice, added to the lasting impression of the victory.

Avesh Khan's
Avesh Khan’s satisfying win: Victory without batting, just running, and a memorable celebration

The Light-hearted Moment Goes Viral

Avesh Khan’s helmet revelation and the subsequent celebration became an instant hit on social media platforms. Cricket fans and enthusiasts widely shared and commented on the incident, appreciating the lightheartedness it brought to the game. The incident quickly became a trending topic, showcasing the humorous side of intense cricketing moments.


Avesh Khan’s victory celebration, marked by his comical helmet revelation, added a touch of humor to an already thrilling match. The unintentional choice of Nicholas Pooran’s helmet and Avesh’s animated gesture created a memorable and light-hearted moment in the world of cricket. It serves as a reminder that even in the most intense sporting contests, there is always room for laughter and amusement.