Chennai Super Kings (CSK) defeated Mumbai Indians (MI) in a thrilling Indian Premier League (IPL) 2023 match at Wankhede Stadium. The victory was largely due to the ‘Dhoni Review System’ and the brilliant performance of Ajinkya Rahane. In this article, we will discuss how the Dhoni Review System helped CSK secure a crucial win against MI in IPL 2023.

How the ‘Dhoni Review System’ works

The Dhoni Review System is a term coined after the legendary CSK captain, MS Dhoni, who is known for his tactical acumen and sharp decision-making skills. The system allows the team to challenge the umpire’s decision by reviewing it with the help of TV replays.

Besides, The captain can call for a review if he feels that the umpire has made a wrong decision. In the match against MI, Dhoni used the system to perfection, which led to the dismissal of Suryakumar Yadav.

The crucial moment of the match

In the second ball of the eighth over of MI’s innings, Mitchell Santner bowled a fuller ball down the leg side to Suryakumar Yadav. Although the umpire deemed it a wide delivery due to the batter’s missed sweep shot, Dhoni’s excellent wicketkeeping skills enabled him to notice Suryakumar’s faint edge and request a review promptly.

In addition, To everyone’s surprise, Suryakumar had gotten a faint edge on the ball, and the decision from the umpire had to be overturned. This moment proved to be crucial as Suryakumar was in good form and could have caused problems for CSK later in the innings.

Dhoni Review System
Dhoni’s review saves CSK from Suryakumar Yadav’s threat

The Impact of the ‘Dhoni Review System’ on the Match

The System proved to be the turning point of the match as MI lost momentum after Suryakumar’s dismissal. CSK’s spin duo of Ravindra Jadeja and Mitchell Santner capitalized on this and shared five wickets earlier, which fuelled CSK’s win over arch-rivals MI.


MS. Dhoni’s Review System has once again proven to be a valuable asset for CSK in IPL 2023. The system allows the captain to challenge the umpire’s decision and helps to avoid wrong decisions that can have a significant impact on the match’s outcome. Dhoni’s tactical acumen and sharp decision-making skills have played a crucial role in CSK’s success in the IPL, and the ‘Dhoni Review System’ is a testament to this fact.