The Indian Premier League (IPL) 2023 match between Punjab Kings (PBKS) and Delhi Capitals (DC) witnessed a series of fielding Fiasco that turned the game into a comedy of errors. This article explores the chaotic moments during the match, highlighting the fielding blunders that occurred. Let’s delve into the amusing sequence of events that unfolded on the field.

The Initial Mishap

In the final ball of the 11th over of PBKS’ batting, Liam Livingstone played a yorker delivery from Mukesh Kumar toward cover fielder David Warner. However, confusion arose when Livingstone hesitated to take a single, nearly leaving his teammate Atharva Taide stranded. This marked the beginning of the comedy of errors.

Fielding chaos unfolds as Livingstone’s hesitation leaves Taide almost stranded, initiating a comedy of errors

Missed Stumps and Surviving the Overthrow

David Warner’s attempt to run out Taide by throwing at the non-striker’s end went awry as he missed the stumps. Taking advantage of the chaos, Livingstone tried to steal a single on the overthrow. Although Taide managed to send him back, it seemed too late for Livingstone. However, DC wicketkeeper Phil Salt failed to collect the ball at the striker’s end, allowing Livingstone to survive the dismissal.

DC’s Dominance and Victory

Shifting the focus to the overall game, Delhi Capitals exhibited an exceptional performance, nearly knocking Punjab Kings out of playoff contention with a 15-run victory. Having been invited to bat first, DC posted an imposing total of 213 for 2 in 20 overs, primarily fueled by Rilee Rossouw’s unbeaten 82 off 37 runs. In response, despite Livingstone’s impressive knock of 94 runs off 48 balls, PBKS fell short of the target.

Fielding Fiasco
DC’s dominant win edges PBKS closer to playoff elimination, with Rossouw’s unbeaten 82 leading the charge

The Significance of Fielding in IPL

Fielding blunders is not uncommon in the game of cricket, even at the professional level showcased in the Indian Premier League. While the IPL sets a new standard for fielding quality, occasional odd days witness massive fielding mistakes that can lead to unexpected and amusing moments on the field. This incident serves as a reminder of the highs and lows cricket entails, even in the midst of intense competition.


The PBKS vs DC IPL match in 2023 will be remembered for the comedy of errors that unfolded due to a series of fielding Fiasco. The initial confusion, missed stumps, surviving the overthrow, and DC’s eventual victory showcased the unpredictable nature of the game. While fielding blunders can bring moments of laughter, they also highlight the significance of fielding in cricket. As the IPL continues to captivate fans worldwide, such incidents add an element of entertainment to the sport.