Former India coach Ravi Shastri has shared insightful guidance to help Umran Malik enhance his performance in the ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL) 2023. Shastri’s valuable advice aims to assist Malik in improving his overall gameplay and making a significant impact in the tournament. Here are some critical suggestions provided by Shastri to help the young bowler reach new heights.

Emphasize Tactical Bowling Strategy

To elevate his performance, Umran Malik should shift his focus from raw pace alone and embrace a more strategic approach. Shastri encourages Malik to master reading the game and understanding the batter’s mindset. By analyzing the game situation and adapting his bowling accordingly, Malik can become a more effective and versatile bowler.

Former Coach Ravi Shastri
Shastri advises Malik: Embrace a strategic approach, analyze a game, and adapt bowling for enhanced performance

Enhance Video Analysis and Learning

One of the crucial aspects of Malik’s improvement lies in analyzing match footage and identifying areas for growth. Shastri advises Malik to thoroughly review videos and footage of his performances, pinpointing moments where he could have made different choices or implemented alternative strategies. This meticulous self-analysis can lead to valuable insights and empower Malik to make smarter decisions on the field.

Address Weaknesses and Adapt

Former coach Ravi Shastri highlights the significance of recognizing weaknesses and actively working to address them. By acknowledging areas that require improvement, Malik can focus on refining his skills and minimizing any vulnerabilities. It is essential for Malik to embrace a growth mindset and be receptive to feedback from coaches and teammates, enabling him to adapt and evolve as a player.

Develop a Varied Bowling Arsenal

While the pace is a valuable asset, Shastri advises Malik to expand his bowling repertoire. Developing a diverse range of deliveries, including pace, line, and length variations, can make Malik a more formidable bowler. By keeping the batsmen guessing and introducing subtle changes in his bowling style, Malik can increase his chances of taking wickets and maintaining control over the game.

Former Coach Ravi Shastri
Shastri advises Malik: Expand the bowling repertoire, and introduce variations for increased effectiveness


Former coach Ravi Shastri’s guidance provides Umran Malik with a clear roadmap for enhancing his performance in the IPL 2023. By adopting a tactical bowling strategy, moreover, embracing video analysis, in addition to this, addressing weaknesses, and developing a varied bowling arsenal, additionally, Malik can make significant strides toward becoming a more impactful player. With Shastri’s advice as a guiding light, consequently, Malik has the opportunity to unlock his full potential and leave a lasting mark on the tournament.