The legendary Sunil Gavaskar recently voiced his concerns regarding Ricky Ponting’s coaching during the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2023 season, particularly in relation to the Delhi Capitals. Despite Ponting’s illustrious career as a former Australian captain, Gavaskar believes that his coaching may have inadvertently hindered the team’s performance. This article delves into the astute Criticizes put forth by Gavaskar and sheds light on the disheartening season endured by the Delhi Capitals.

Insufficient Player Development

Gavaskar observed that there was little to no improvement in certain players under Ponting’s coaching. The coaching staff provided limited opportunities for promising talents like Sarfaraz Khan, Yash Dhull, and Priyam Garg to showcase their skills. The case of Prithvi Shaw, who struggled throughout the season and faced difficulties with deliveries around the ribcage, further emphasized the lack of progress.

Gavaskar Criticizes
Gavaskar: Little improvement in players under Ponting’s coaching, limited opportunities for talents, and language barrier hampers understanding

Gavaskar suggests that Ponting’s coaching methods may not effectively communicate the required adjustments to players, especially those who may not be fluent in English. This language barrier could hinder their understanding and implementation of coaching instructions.

Questionable Decision-Making

Another aspect of Ponting’s coaching that drew criticism was his reluctance to promote Axar Patel up the batting order. Despite Patel’s consistent performances and batting prowess, he was consistently utilized lower down the order.

This decision prompted former Indian coach Ravi Shastri to raise concerns about potential contractual limitations. Gavaskar asks why Ponting made such decisions, as he could have used Patel’s well-known batting abilities more effectively to enhance the team’s performance.

The Impact of Ponting and Ganguly’s Aura

Gavaskar criticizes the presence of two legendary players, Ponting and Sourav Ganguly, the team’s director, pointing out that it may have inadvertently intimidated and discouraged players from seeking their guidance. The superior skills and temperament possessed by these former greats could make it difficult, particularly for domestic newcomers, to approach them for advice. Gavaskar suggests that the awe surrounding Ponting and Ganguly may have hindered open communication and limited the potential for mentorship and improvement within the team.

Gavaskar Criticizes
Gavaskar: Ponting and Ganguly’s presence may hinder mentorship and open communication within the team


Sunil Gavaskar’s critique of Ricky Ponting’s coaching during the IPL 2023 season sheds light on the disappointing performance of the Delhi Capitals. The lack of player development, questionable decision-making, and the potential intimidation factor created by the presence of legendary figures all contribute to Gavaskar’s concerns. The impact of these criticisms on future coaching strategies and the team’s performance is yet to be determined.