In the highly anticipated World Test Championship (WTC) Final, Shubman Gill and Cheteshwar Pujara’s Misjudged Leaves led to Costly Dismissals, causing significant setbacks for the Indian team. The inability to accurately assess the line and length of deliveries resulted in their downfall, highlighting the importance of sound decision-making and shot selection in high-pressure situations.

The Ill-Fated Leaves

Two of India’s key batsmen, Gill and Pujara, fell victim to the deceptive nature of misjudged leaves. Despite exhibiting promising form, their dismissals showcased the perils of shouldering arms and misreading the trajectory of the ball. These stroke-less deaths left them exposed to the mercy of the opposition bowlers, and their subsequent wickets added to India’s mounting challenges in the final.

Gill’s Disappointing Misjudgment

Shubman Gill’s dismissal was particularly disheartening, as it followed a confident start to his innings. Displaying good footwork and shot-making ability, he had unleashed a couple of delightful strokes before the fatal error. Gill misjudged Scott Boland’s delivery, expecting it to swing away, only to be deceived by the ball’s inward movement. With a heavy heart, he watched his stumps shattered, leaving him bewildered and regretful.

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Gill and Pujara's Misjudged
Gill’s dismissal: A promising start ends in regret as misjudged leave costs him his wicket

Pujara’s Unfortunate Decision

Cheteshwar Pujara, known for his resolute defense and astute shot selection, also succumbed to the art of misjudgment. Perhaps influenced by the previous delivery that held its line after angling in, Pujara left a ball that swerved back in and hit his off-stump. In an attempt to be more proactive and eliminate half-hearted strokes, he fell victim to overthinking and paid the price dearly. Pujara’s disappointment was palpable as he made his way back to the dressing room, contemplating the missed opportunity.

Gill and Pujara's Misjudged
Pujara’s dismissal: Overthinking leads to misjudged leave, costing him his wicket

The Lesson Learned

Gill and Pujara’s Misjudged dismissals serve as a valuable lesson for aspiring cricketers, highlighting the significance of precise decision-making in the challenging format of Test cricket. The art of leaving the ball requires a keen understanding of line and length, backed by sound judgment and reflexes. Misjudging leaves can have dire consequences, as witnessed in the WTC Final. Consequently, players must strike a balance between aggression and caution. By doing so, they can ensure they do not succumb to unnecessary risks and avoidable dismissals, ultimately contributing to their team’s success.


The misjudged leaves that led to the dismissals of Gill and Pujara in the WTC Final underscore the importance of accurate decision-making and shot selection in Test cricket. Consequently, these valuable lessons should serve as reminders for players at all levels. Specifically, they should focus on sharpening their judgment skills and making calculated choices at the crease. By doing so, they can enhance their chances of success and avoid falling prey to avoidable mistakes.