In a highly anticipated T20 Blast fixture between Gloucestershire and Somerset, the match took an unexpected turn when Gloucestershire opener Grant Roelofsen was run out following a collision with Somerset bowler Matt Henry. This incident sparked controversy and raised questions about fair play and the role of umpires in such situations. Let’s delve deeper into the incident and its aftermath.

The Run-Out Incident and Umpire Decision

During the 15th over of Gloucestershire’s innings, Roelofsen swiped a delivery from Henry to the cover region and attempted to reach the non-striker’s end. However, Somerset fielder Tom Abell swiftly retrieved the ball and threw it back accurately, resulting in a direct hit.

Roelofsen was clearly out of his crease, but the focus shifted to whether Henry’s positioning obstructed the batter from entering the crease. Umpire Ian Blackwell consulted with the fielding team before deciding to review the decision with the third umpire, who ultimately confirmed Roelofsen’s dismissal.

Controversy and Social Media Reactions

The run-out incident triggered mixed reactions on social media. While some criticized Somerset’s sportsmanship, others supported the umpires’ decision, considering it fair and within the rules. The collision between Roelofsen and Henry raised questions about intentional obstruction, leading some users to debate the applicability of Law 41.5 of the MCC Laws of Cricket. Notably, Henry’s back facing the batter implies that his actions were not a deliberate attempt to block Roelofsen but rather a genuine endeavor to back up the throw.

Controversial run-out incident ignites social media debate. Mixed reactions to Somerset’s sportsmanship and Henry’s intent

Impact on the Match

Grant Roelofsen Run Out significantly affected Gloucestershire’s innings, as he had been the top scorer with 52 runs to his name. However, the team managed to recover and scored 52 runs from the remaining 33 balls.

Grant Roelofsen Run Out
Roelofsen’s dismissal impacts Gloucestershire, but they recover. Somerset is resilient in a chase. Dramatic match with controversial run-out

Despite starting shakily and facing a reduction to 64-4, Somerset displayed their resilience as they successfully chased down the target with four wickets and three balls to spare. The match, already brimming with excitement, acquired an additional layer of drama owing to the contentious run-out incident.


The collision between Grant Roelofsen and Matt Henry during the T20 Blast fixture stirred debates around fair play and the interpretation of cricket laws. While opinions varied on social media, the umpires’ decision to give Roelofsen out was ultimately upheld. The incident added an intriguing twist to the match, which Somerset eventually won, highlighting the unpredictable nature of cricket.