Harry Brook, the 24-year-old Yorkshire cricketer, has been facing a tough time in the Indian Premier League (IPL) season for Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH). He struggled to get going in the first few matches, managing just 29 runs in three innings. However, in the match against Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) on April 14, 2023, Brook turned the tables around with a magnificent century that not only helped his team register a convincing win but also marked a strong comeback.

Harry Brook’s Struggles in the IPL

Brook was picked up by SRH in the IPL auctions for a hefty sum of 13.25 crore INR, making him one of the most expensive players on the team. However, he failed to live up to expectations in the first few matches and faced criticism from fans and analysts alike.

Harry Brook's century
Brook failed to live up to expectations and faced criticism from fans and analysts

Some fans questioned his selection in the team, while others mocked him on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Despite the criticism, Brook kept faith in his abilities and continued to work hard on his basics. He knew that it was only a matter of time before he found his form and silenced his critics.

The Match Against Kolkata Knight Riders

The match against Kolkata Knight Riders was a crucial one for SRH, as they had lost their previous two matches and needed a win to stay in the hunt for the playoffs. SRH won the toss and elected to bat first, and Brook was given the opportunity to open the innings alongside his teammate David Warner.

Brook played an inning of sheer class and composure, scoring an unbeaten 100 off just 55 balls, consisting of 12 fours and three sixes. What was particularly impressive about Brook’s innings was his ability to rotate the strike and keep the scoreboard ticking. Rather than getting bogged down by the pressure of scoring quickly, he remained calm and focused, continuously taking singles and twos to maintain the momentum.

Additionally, his excellent shot selection allowed him to find the gaps in the field and score boundaries when the opportunity presented itself. Overall, it was a masterful display of batting skill and mental strength, as Brook demonstrated his ability to stay patient and focused throughout the innings, even when facing challenging situations.

Harry Brook’s Century Silences Critics and Boosts Team Morale

Harry Brook’s century not only silenced his critics but also announced his arrival in the IPL. He showed that he has the talent and temperament to perform at the highest level and can be a valuable asset for SRH going forward. His innings will also boost the morale and confidence of the captain and the management. They know that they have a dependable opener in Brook who can deliver in crucial matches.

Harry Brook's century
Brook’s century silenced critics and announced his arrival in the IPL

Brook’s century against KKR was a testament to his resilience and determination. He has shown that he is not afraid of facing failures and can emerge stronger from them. It is this attitude that will make him a valuable player in the future.


In conclusion, Harry Brook’s century against KKR was a much-needed inning for him and his team. It silenced his critics and showed his potential in the IPL. Brook’s struggles in the early part of the IPL season were a reminder that even the best players go through tough times. It takes resilience, determination, and hard work to overcome them and emerge stronger.

As SRH moves forward in the IPL, they will look to Harry Brook as a key player who can deliver match-winning performances. His century against KKR may just be the beginning of what promises to be a successful IPL season for him and his team.