With millions of fans around the world tuning in to watch their favorite teams and players in action, the Indian Premier League (IPL) has become one of the most popular cricket leagues globally. In the IPL 2023 match between Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) and Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR), Harshal Patel’s catch drop left fans disappointed. This article will delve deeper into the incident and its impact on the match.

The Match and the Catch Drop

In the match between RCB and KKR hosted at the iconic M.Chinnaswamy Stadium, KKR won the toss and elected to bat first, putting up an impressive total of 200/5 in their 20 overs. RCB, in reply, started their innings positively but lost wickets at regular intervals. During the crucial 15th over of the match, Harshal Patel dropped a catch that left everyone in disbelief. KKR’s Nitish Rana hit the ball towards Harshal Patel at fine leg, but he failed to grab it, giving Rana a second lifeline.

Harshal Patel's catch drop
Patel’s dropped catch gave Rana a crucial second chance in the RCB vs KKR match at Chinnaswamy Stadium

The Impact of the Catch Drop

The catch drop had a significant impact on the match, as Rana went on to score 68 runs off just 39 balls, helping KKR post a massive total. Harshal Patel’s mistake not only gave KKR a chance to score more runs but also put a dent in RCB’s morale, which was already struggling after a string of missed catches. The pressure mounted on RCB, and despite their best efforts, they fell short of KKR’s total, losing the match by a considerable margin.

Kohli’s Reaction to Patel’s Error

Despite the disappointment of the catch drop, RCB captain Virat Kohli showed remarkable composure and support to Harshal Patel. Instead of showing frustration or anger, Kohli clapped nicely and gestured to Patel to keep his chin up and focus on the next delivery. Fans and pundits alike praised Kohli’s reaction, as it showed his leadership skills and ability to stay calm under pressure.

Harshal Patel's catch drop
Kohli’s composure and support to Patel after the catch drop earned him praise for his leadership skills

Fan Reaction to Patel’s Mistake

While fans appreciated Kohli’s reaction, they were not as forgiving towards Harshal Patel on social media. Many fans expressed their disappointment and frustration at Patel’s missed opportunity, calling it a schoolboy error and questioning his ability to perform under pressure. Some fans even went as far as to call for Patel to be dropped from the team in future matches.


In conclusion, Harshal Patel’s catch drop was a crucial moment in the IPL 2023 match between RCB and KKR. The drop not only had a significant impact on the match but also highlighted the importance of taking every opportunity to make a difference on the field. While Virat Kohli’s reaction to Patel’s mistake showed his leadership skills, the reaction of fans on social media showed how passionate and invested they are in their favorite teams and players. As the IPL 2023 season progresses, we will see how RCB and Harshal Patel bounce back from this disappointment and continue to fight for the championship.