ICC agrees to change Pitch. ICC, in an official statement, quashed the conspiracy theories saying that “planned pitch rotations” are quite “common” towards the end of a World Cup.

The first semi-final is being played on a used pitch. As soon as the news became public, there was a lot of debate on whether it was against the rules for the venue curators to recommend a last-minute change of pitch for an ICC event and that a fresh pitch should have been used for a big match like a World Cup semi-final. ICC, in an official statement, quashed the conspiracy theories and said that “planned pitch rotations” are quite “common” towards the end of such a big tournament.

“Changes to planned pitch rotations are common towards the end of an event of this length, and has already happened a couple of times,” an ICC spokesperson said.

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What do ICC’s rules say about pitches for World Cup games? (ICC agrees to change Pitch)

Notably, there is no mention of a fresh pitch being mandatory for a World Cup knockout game in the ICC playing conditions. “It is expect that venues that allocate the responsibility of hosting a match. Will present the best possible pitch and outfield conditions for that match.”

Used pitches generally aid spinners, which could be a boon to an India side with Ravindra Jadeja and Kuldeep Yadav as two of its frontline bowlers.

The semi-finals of the 2019 World Cup in England play on fresh pitches. But used pitches were provided for the semi-finals of last year’s T20 World Cup in Australia.

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Which pitch is being used for the India vs New Zealand World Cup semi-final?

Both Britain’s Daily Mail and the ESPNCricinfo website report the India-New Zealand semi-final. Initially suppose to be play on pitch seven. The central strip at Mumbai’s Wankhede Stadium as it not use during the round-robin stage of the World Cup.

Instead, the match is playing on pitch six, the surface use for South Africa’s 229-run win over England on October 21. And India’s 302-run victory over Sri Lanka on November 2.

A source quoted by ESPNcricinfo said this represented a deviation from the pre-tournament pitch allocation.

“6-8-6-8-7 was the planned rotation at Wankhede,” the source said. “6-8-6-8 is what has been used so far.”

According to the ICC’s tournament playing conditions, the relevant ground authority — in this case, the Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) – “is responsible for the selection and preparation of the pitch” before any given match”.

Pat Cummins has no issues with pitches in World Cup

The winners of Wednesday’s match will face either Australia or South Africa, who play in Kolkata on Thursday, in the final.

Australia captain Pat Cummins said Wednesday he had confidence in the integrity of the ICC’s pitch process.

“Yeah, I saw that (the report)…obviously ICC have an independent pitch curator who manages that so I’m sure they are all over making sure it’s fair for both teams,” Cummins said.

“So far this tournament (on pitches) that we’ve played on I’ve not seen any issue.”

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