The Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) captain Nitish Rana was fined a substantial amount of Rs 24 lakh in the recent Indian Premier League (IPL) 2023 match. They imposed this penalty on him due to KKR maintaining a slow over-rate during the game. This violation of the code of conduct has led to consequences not only for Rana but also for the entire team.

Furthermore, the authorities have imposed fines on every member of the playing XI, including the impact substitute, amounting to Rs 6 lakh or 25 percent of their match fee. Additionally, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) aims to enforce stricter regulations regarding over-rate offenses in the IPL. Consequently, this financial impact serves as a strong reminder to all IPL teams about the paramount importance of adhering to the league’s code of conduct.

Rana’s Slow Over-Rate Leads to Financial Penalty

After the IPL match against Chennai Super Kings (CSK) on Sunday night, the authorities found Nitish Rana guilty of maintaining a slow over-rate. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) imposed a substantial fine of Rs 24 lakhs on the KKR captain, as per the IPL’s code of conduct.

Nitish Rana Fined
Nitish Rana fined Rs 24 lakhs for slow over-rate in IPL match against CSK

Teamwide Consequences for KKR Players

Not only did Rana face individual penalties, but the authorities also imposed fines on the entire KKR playing XI, including the impact substitute, due to KKR’s second offense of the season. They enforced these penalties in accordance with the IPL’s code of conduct pertaining to minimum over-rate offenses. The authorities have imposed fines of Rs 6 lakh or 25 percent of the match fee, whichever is lesser, on each member of the playing XI.

Stricter Enforcement of Over-Rate Regulations

The BCCI’s decision to impose fines on KKR players for their slow over-rate demonstrates a stricter approach toward enforcing over-rate regulations in the IPL. The league aims to ensure that matches are played within the designated timeframe by penalizing both the captain and the entire team.

Financial Impact on Rana and KKR

Nitish Rana’s individual fine of Rs 24 lakh showcases the substantial financial impact of breaching the code of conduct. Additionally, the collective fines imposed on the KKR playing XI further compound the financial consequences for the team members.

Nitish Rana Fined
Code of conduct breach results in Rs 24 lakh fine for Nitish Rana, compounded by collective fines on KKR playing XI


In the recent IPL match between KKR and CSK, the authorities fined Nitish Rana a substantial amount of Rs 24 lakh for maintaining a slow over-rate. Furthermore, the entire KKR playing XI faced penalties due to their second offense of the season. These penalties reflect the league’s commitment to enforcing over-rate regulations and ensuring fair play in the IPL.