In a thrilling T20 Blast encounter, Northamptonshire’s Josh Cobb showcased his brilliance on the field with an extraordinary catch that dismissed Warwickshire’s, Rob Yates. The match, held at the County Ground in Northampton on Wednesday, May 31, witnessed Josh Cobb’s stunning effort that left spectators in awe.

Description of the Catch

During the 16th over, Warwickshire’s Rob Yates, aiming to hit a six, faced a delivery from Northamptonshire’s David Willey. However, Cobb, positioned near the boundary, exhibited exceptional athleticism and agility as he sprinted to his left. With perfect timing and coordination, he leaped into the air, extending both hands to snatch the ball from its destined path. The catch was truly remarkable, reflecting Cobb’s dedication and skill as a fielder.

T20 Blast’s Recognition

The impressive catch by Cobb did not go unnoticed, as T20 Blast promptly shared a video of the catch on their Twitter account. Accompanying the video, T20 Blast captioned it with admiration, stating, “An extraordinary catch from Josh Cobb. That is a stunner to get Rob Yates.” The organization’s recognition further solidified the significance of Cobb’s contribution to the match.

Cobb’s remarkable catch was praised by T20 Blast on Twitter

Summary of the Match

The T20 Blast clash between Northamptonshire and Warwickshire resulted in a 21-run victory for Warwickshire. The match began with Northamptonshire’s captain, David Willey, winning the toss and electing to bowl first.

Josh Cobb's
Warwickshire triumphs by 21 runs in T20 Blast clash, led by Rob Yates’ explosive 71

Warwickshire’s opener, Rob Yates, played a scintillating knock of 71 runs off just 53 balls, helping his team reach a mammoth total of 202 runs in 20 overs. Alongside Yates, skipper Alex Davies and Sam Hain also made notable contributions, scoring 46 and an unbeaten 48 runs, respectively. Northamptonshire’s Willey, Andrew Tye, and Freddie Heldreich managed to claim two wickets each.

Northamptonshire’s Batting Effort

In pursuit of Warwickshire’s challenging target, Northamptonshire showcased their batting prowess despite losing early wickets. Opener Ricardo Vasconcelos emerged as the leading run-scorer for the home team, smashing an impressive 65 runs off just 39 deliveries, including 13 boundaries.

Captain David Willey also played a crucial innings, adding 33 runs off 27 balls. However, Warwickshire’s bowlers proved to be instrumental in limiting Northamptonshire’s total to 181 runs. Craig Miles stood out with a remarkable four-wicket haul, while Glenn Maxwell, Danny Briggs, and Dan Mousley also contributed with one wicket each.


Josh Cobb’s extraordinary catch to dismiss Rob Yates in the T20 Blast encounter left a lasting impression on cricket fans. His athleticism, timing, and coordination demonstrated the importance of exceptional fielding in the game. Despite Northamptonshire’s spirited batting effort, Warwickshire emerged victorious by a margin of 21 runs, thanks to their strong batting performance and effective bowling attack. The match served as a reminder of the excitement and entertainment T20 cricket brings to fans worldwide.