In recent years, the Indian Premier League (IPL) has emerged as one of the most popular cricket tournaments around the world. With players from all over the world participating in the cash-rich league, there is always a debate about who the greatest player of IPL is. When the media asked the Indian skipper Virat Kohli the question about the greatest player of IPL, Kohli’s picks for IPL GOATs caused a buzz on social media.

In this article, we will explore Virat Kohli’s choices for IPL GOATs and how they sparked debate on social media. We will also analyze why his picks are noteworthy and what they reveal about the Indian skipper’s understanding of the game.

Kohli’s Picks for IPL GOATs

When Virat Kohli was asked to name the greatest cricketer to have ever featured in the Indian Premier League, he picked AB de Villiers and Lasith Malinga as the actual GOATs of the competition. Many cricket fans considered players like MS Dhoni, Rohit Sharma, Suresh Raina, Chris Gayle, and David Warner to be some of the greatest players in IPL history, making Kohli’s choice of AB de Villiers and Lasith Malinga quite surprising.

Since 2011, AB de Villiers has been playing for the Royal Challengers Bangalore in the IPL. He is known for his aggressive batting style and has scored 5056 runs in 176 IPL matches at an impressive strike rate of 152.40. He has also taken 120 catches and 16 stumpings as a wicket-keeper, which is a testament to his versatility as a cricketer.

AB de Villiers is an RCB player known for his aggressive batting, 5056 runs, and 120 catches in 176 IPL matches

Lasith Malinga, on the other hand, is a Sri Lankan cricketer who has played for the Mumbai Indians since 2009. He is regarded as one of the greatest T20 bowlers of all time and has taken 170 wickets in 122 IPL matches at an economy rate of 7.14. He is also the only player to have taken four wickets in four consecutive deliveries in international cricket.

Malinga, Sri Lankan cricketer for Mumbai Indians, 170 IPL wickets, 7.14 economy rate

Kohli’s choices for IPL GOATs surprised many as de Villiers and Malinga had not won as many IPL titles as some of the other players who played in the competition. However, Kohli’s choices were not solely based on the number of titles won, but on the impact that these players have had on the competition.

Social Media Buzz

Kohli’s choices for IPL GOATs created a buzz on social media, with fans and experts alike sharing their opinions on the matter. Kohli’s decision not to choose players like Dhoni or Sharma, who have won the IPL title multiple times with their respective teams, surprised many fans.

Some fans were also critical of Kohli’s choices, arguing that de Villiers and Malinga have not been as consistent in the IPL as some of the other players. However, others defended Kohli’s choices, stating that de Villiers and Malinga have had a greater impact on the competition, both on and off the field.

Overall, Kohli’s choices for IPL GOATs sparked a healthy debate on social media, with fans and experts sharing their opinions and insights on the matter.

Analysis of Kohli’s Picks

Kohli’s picks for IPL GOATs reveal a lot about his understanding of the game and what he values in a player. By choosing de Villiers and Malinga, Kohli has shown that he values impact over the number of titles won. Both de Villiers and Malinga have had a significant impact on their respective teams and have been instrumental in their success in the IPL.

Kohli’s picks also reveal his admiration for players who have the ability to own script and make a difference in the game. De Villiers and Malinga are both players who can turn the game around with their individual brilliance and have shown time and again that they are match-winners.

Additionally, Kohli’s choices reflect his own experiences and interactions with these players. Kohli has played alongside de Villiers for several years in the Royal Challengers Bangalore and has seen first-hand the impact that he can have on the game. Similarly, Kohli has played against Malinga many times and has experienced the difficulty of facing his unorthodox bowling style.


In conclusion, Virat Kohli’s picks for IPL GOATs have created a buzz on social media and sparked a healthy debate among cricket fans and experts. His choices of AB de Villiers and Lasith Malinga are surprising but also reveal his understanding of the game and what he values in a player.

Overall, Kohli’s choices show that impact and individual brilliance are just as important as winning titles when it comes to being the greatest player in the IPL. As the tournament continues to evolve and new players emerge, it will be interesting to see how the debate around the IPL GOATs develops in the future.