The ongoing Vitality T20 Blast in England has witnessed a thrilling showdown between two-star cricketers from the Lahore Qalandars franchise. Shaheen Shah Afridi, representing Nottinghamshire, and emerging pacer Zaman Khan, playing for Derbyshire, captivated cricket fans with their exceptional performances. This article provides an overview of their face-off and its impact on the match.

The Exciting Showdown

In a crucial encounter at the County Ground, Derby, Shaheen Afridi, and Zaman Khan faced each other during the 19th over. Shaheen Afridi, known for his aggressive style, delivered a powerful six off Zaman’s bowling. However, Zaman made a remarkable comeback on the very next ball, trapping his PSL captain with a perfectly executed short delivery. This thrilling exchange of skills showcased the immense talent possessed by these Lahore Qalandars stars.

Afridi’s six, and Khan’s comeback wicket ignite the clash

Nottinghamshire Emerges Victorious

Nottinghamshire, led by the brilliant performances of Shaheen Afridi and other teammates, secured a three-wicket victory over Derbyshire. Chasing a target of 143 runs, Nottinghamshire accomplished the task with eight balls to spare, thanks to the contributions of opener Alex Hales. Shaheen Afridi played a significant role in the triumph, claiming two wickets and conceding 37 runs in his four-over spell. Additionally, he showcased his batting prowess by scoring a quick 14 runs off just seven balls, adding to the team’s momentum and sealing the win in a thrilling finish.

Stellar Performances in the Tournament

Shaheen Afridi and Zaman Khan have delivered exceptional performances throughout the Vitality T20 Blast. Shaheen Afridi, known for his impressive left-arm bowling, has taken 13 wickets in nine matches at an average of 24. His ability to provide breakthroughs has been crucial for Nottinghamshire’s success in the tournament. On the other hand, Zaman Khan, the talented right-arm pacer, has taken 11 wickets in eight matches at an average of 24.81. Both cricketers have consistently showcased their skills and made a significant impact on their respective teams.

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Shaheen Afridi’s All-Round Contribution

Apart from his exceptional bowling, Shaheen Afridi has also demonstrated his hard-hitting abilities with the bat. In a recent match against Worcestershire, he played a vital role in setting a formidable target by scoring 29 runs off just 11 balls. This power-hitting display further highlighted his versatility and value as an all-rounder for his team. Shaheen Afridi’s ability to contribute significantly with both bat and ball makes him a crucial asset for Nottinghamshire in the Vitality T20 Blast.

Afridi’s explosive all-round impact elevates Nottinghamshire


The clash between Lahore Qalandars stars Shaheen Afridi and Zaman Khan in the Vitality T20 Blast provided a captivating display of talent and competitive spirit. While Zaman managed to dismiss his PSL captain, it was Shaheen Afridi’s all-around contribution that propelled Nottinghamshire to a well-deserved victory. Their performances throughout the tournament have showcased their immense skill and potential. As the Vitality T20 Blast continues, cricket fans eagerly await further showdowns between these exceptional Lahore Qalandars stars.