In a recent development, the authorities have fined England’s off-spinner, Moeen Ali, for using an unauthorized drying agent during the Ashes Test. This incident has attracted the attention of cricket enthusiasts worldwide. Let’s delve deeper into the details surrounding this issue and the subsequent penalty imposed by the International Cricket Council (ICC).

The Unauthorized Use of Drying Agent

During the first Ashes Test at Edgbaston, Moeen Ali was found to have used a drying agent on his bowling hand without the approval of the umpires. Although Moeen claimed he used the spray only to dry his hands and not to alter the condition of the ball, it still constituted a breach of the pre-series instructions given to the players. This instruction explicitly stated that players should not apply any substances to their hands without the permission of the umpires.

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ICC’s Response and Penalty

The ICC took swift action in response to Moeen Ali’s violation. After careful consideration, they levied a fine of 25 percent of his match fee and issued him one demerit point. The fine amounts to £3,750, considering the approximate match fee of England players. The demerit point serves as a mark on Moeen Ali’s disciplinary record, as it was his first offense within a 24-month period. The ICC clarified that the penalty was imposed based on Moeen’s breach of Article 2.20 of the ICC code of conduct, which relates to displaying conduct contrary to the spirit of the game.

Moeen Ali Fined
ICC swiftly fined Moeen Ali 25% of the match fee (£3,750) and issued one demerit point for violating Article 2.20 of the code of conduct

Impact on Moeen Ali and England Cricket

This incident undoubtedly serves as a setback for Moeen Ali, especially as he made his Test return after a nearly two-year absence. The fine and demerit point reflects the seriousness with which the ICC treats such breaches, even if there was no intention to tamper with the ball. Moeen will have to be more cautious and abide by the regulations to avoid further consequences in the future.

Furthermore, this incident brings attention to the importance of maintaining the integrity of the game. The regulations and instructions provided by the ICC are in place to ensure fair play and the spirit of cricket. Any breach, no matter how minor, undermines the trust and credibility of the sport.


Moeen Ali’s unauthorized use of a drying agent in the Ashes Test has led to a substantial penalty from the ICC. Consequently, the fine and demerit points serve as a poignant reminder to players regarding the paramount importance of adhering to the rules and regulations established by the governing body. Above all, it is crucial for players to maintain the integrity of the game and uphold the spirit of cricket. This incident serves as a valuable learning experience for Moeen Ali and other players, highlighting the imperative need for unwavering compliance with the guidelines to safeguard the sanctity of the cherished sport we all hold dear.