In a recent development, the prospect of MS Dhoni, the legendary cricketer, being banned from the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2023 final took fans by surprise. The ban originates from an incident during the Qualifier 1 match where MS Dhoni Faces a Possible Ban for wasting time, despite authorities previously charging him with a code of conduct violation. This article delves into the details of the incident, the potential consequences, and the reactions from cricket experts.

The Time-Wasting Incident

During the Gujarat Titans‘ chase, the umpires engaged in a heated argument with MS Dhoni, the captain of the Chennai Super Kings (CSK), causing a significant five-minute delay. The incident unfolded on the 16th when the umpires halted Matheesha Pathirana from bowling due to his absence from the field for an extended period.

MS Dhoni Faces Possible Ban
Umpires argued with CSK captain MS Dhoni, causing a 5-minute delay during Gujarat Titans’ chase

Reactions from Cricket Experts

Renowned cricket commentators Sunil Gavaskar and Simon Doull expressed their disappointment with Dhoni’s actions during the match. Doull criticized Dhoni’s five-minute argument with the umpires, labeling it unnecessary. Instead of allowing another player to bowl, Dhoni’s actions led to a disruption in the game, which did not sit well with the cricket experts.

Potential Consequences

There has been no official update on whether the umpires have reported Dhoni for his behavior. However, if they bring up the charge, MS Dhoni Faces a Possible Ban in the IPL 2023 final. The severity of the consequences will depend on the league’s disciplinary committee and their assessment of the incident.

MS Dhoni Faces Possible Ban
No update on umpires reporting Dhoni; possible fine or ban for IPL 2023 final if charged

CSK’s Path to the Final

Shifting the focus to the match itself, CSK emerged victorious against the Gujarat Titans by a margin of 15 runs in Qualifier 1, securing their place in the IPL 2023 final. This final appearance marks a significant milestone for CSK, as it will be their 10th time competing for the championship title in the tournament’s 16 seasons.


The controversy surrounding MS Dhoni’s potential ban for the IPL 2023 final due to the time-wasting incident has generated buzz among cricket enthusiasts. As the cricketing world awaits further updates on the matter, the fate of the CSK captain remains uncertain. It remains to be seen whether Dhoni’s actions will have any lasting impact on his participation in the highly anticipated final match.