In the aftermath of India’s disappointing defeat to Australia in the final of the World Test Championship, Nasser Hussain, the former captain of England, has offered invaluable counsel to Indian batsmen. Hussain recommends drawing inspiration from Pakistan’s Babar Azam, specifically in mastering the art of handling swing and seam bowling. This article will delve into Nasser Hussain’s guidance and explore the advantages that Indian batsmen can gain from learning from Babar Azam.

Comprehending the Significance of Emulating Babar Azam

Imbibing the skills and techniques of accomplished batsmen like Babar Azam can greatly augment the capabilities of Indian batsmen, particularly in their ability to confront the challenges posed by swing and seam bowling. Babar Azam’s adaptability and proficiency in demanding conditions have earned him a well-deserved reputation as one of the world’s finest batsmen.

Nasser Hussain's
Babar Azam’s expertise enhances Indian batsmen’s skills against swing and seam bowling

Mastering the Craft of Playing Swing and Seam

To effectively counter-swing and seam bowling, Indian batsmen must pay close attention to specific facets of their technique. Hussain places great emphasis on the need to strike the ball with utmost precision and timing, following in the footsteps of Babar Azam. This approach allows batsmen to adjust to the ball’s movement, thereby minimizing the chances of mistiming or edging it.

Cultivating Patience and Footwork

Another pivotal aspect that Indian batsmen can learn from Babar Azam is the value of patience and footwork. Babar Azam’s exceptional footwork allows him to swiftly maneuver into position and exert precise control over his strokes. By honing their footwork skills, Indian batsmen can augment their capacity to adeptly handle swing and seam bowling.

Nasser Hussain's
Babar Azam’s footwork teaches Indian batsmen patience and control, improving their ability against swing and seam bowling

Adapting to Varied Conditions

Babar Azam has showcased remarkable adaptability to diverse conditions across the globe. Whether it be playing in England or other countries with arduous bowling conditions, Babar has demonstrated his versatility. Indian batsmen can glean invaluable insights on how to adjust their techniques and mindset in accordance with the prevailing conditions they encounter.

Embracing a Mindset of Growth

Learning from Babar Azam entails not just assimilating technical aspects but also adopting a growth-oriented mindset. Furthermore, Babar’s unwavering dedication, discipline, and unquenchable thirst for improvement have played a pivotal role in his ascent to the pinnacle of the sport. Indian batsmen can emulate his approach by continuously seeking ways to refine their skills and extract lessons from every experience, even during trying times.


Nasser Hussain’s counsel to Indian batsmen, urging them to learn from Babar Azam’s techniques, presents a highly valuable proposition. By studying Babar’s prowess in handling swing and seam bowling, developing exemplary footwork, adapting to diverse conditions, and embracing a mindset of growth, Indian batsmen can elevate their overall performance. Drawing inspiration from successful players like Babar Azam is an indispensable aspect of the learning process, enabling batsmen to reach new heights of excellence and attain consistent success.