The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has made an exceptional request. Asking the ICC to switch the locations of two of their league fixtures during the 2023 ODI World Cup. Pakistan has requested a revision so that they will face Australia in Chennai . Afghanistan in Bengaluru instead of the present schedule. Which has Australia playing in Bengaluru on October 20 and Afghanistan playing in Chennai on October 23.

The PCB is said the ICC that no specific justification for the request. But according to an internal note obtained by Cricket VIP. The venue switch would “make” Pakistan the “favourite” in both games.

The PCB’s internal letter stated that “Australia in Bengaluru and Afghanistan in Chennai are the two we should look to get changed as much as possible.” Ideally, we can reverse these. In both matches against Australia in Chennai and Afghanistan in Bengaluru, we would be the clear favourites.

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Where they will be playing during the World Cup, makes no mention of a security danger. For all but three of Pakistan’s games—including the one against India on October 15—it advises looking into shifting the location.
India will benefit from playing in Ahmedabad. But I doubt that will change given the importance of both the World Cup and the site for the BCCI.
The New Zealand match, scheduled for November 5 in Bengaluru, is a “issue” but “not a hill worth dying on.” The two matches Pakistan plays in Kolkata—against Bangladesh on October 31 and the reigning champions England on November 12—are of a little more concern, according to the internal paper. It also offers other places where the team would feel more at ease playing.

Given the local populace, Lucknow would also be a good choice for us.
Delhi would be beneficial for us as well against most opponents. We can move the England game to Chennai or Lucknow if there is a third change.

When is the World Cup on June 27?

On June 27, which will be 100 days after the tournament’s projected start date of October 5. The BCCI planned to announce the World Cup schedule. The fixture list, which the ICC had sent to all participating nations and the broadcaster in an effort to solicit feedback, has not yet received PCB clearance.

At a recent media briefing, Najam Sethi—who resigned as interim PCB chairman on Monday—had stated: “We have written to the ICC that we can’t give approval or disapproval to this [World Cup schedule].” In the same way that India’s government chooses when its citizens go to play, our government must make the decision.

The PCB emphasised that the Pakistani government will need to grant a permission for all sites in their correspondence to the ICC. It has been learned that the PCB’s response contributed to the ICC’s inability to publish the World Cup schedule. And launch ticket sales.

The Pakistani government will need to be immediately contact to the incoming PCB chairman. Who is most likely to be Zaka Ashraf. It cannot afford to hold off on revealing the schedule for much longer.