One of the most widely followed T20 tournaments worldwide is the Indian Premier League (IPL). With its 2023 season underway, fans are excited to see their favorite teams and players battle it out on the field. One player who has been receiving a lot of support from fans, regardless of the team he is playing for, is the legendary skipper MS Dhoni. In this article, we will discuss the recent comments made by Rajasthan Royals’ skipper Sanju Samson on the overwhelming support for Dhoni in IPL 2023 matches.

Dhoni’s popularity among fans

MS Dhoni is a household name in India, and its popularity is unparalleled. Being one of the most accomplished captains in the history of Indian cricket, he steered the team to triumphs in various major tournaments, including the 2007 T20 World Cup, the 2010 and 2016 editions of the Asia Cup, as well as the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup. Dhoni’s calm demeanor, exceptional leadership skills, and remarkable cricketing abilities have made him a favorite among cricket fans worldwide.

Rajasthan Royals Sanju Samson
Fans cheer for Dhoni in the IPL match between CSK and RR, even though it was not CSK’s home game

In recent IPL matches, Dhoni has been receiving overwhelming support from fans, irrespective of the team he is playing for. This was evident in the match between Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals at the Sawai Mansingh Stadium in Jaipur, where the majority of the crowd was cheering for Dhoni, even though it was not CSK’s home game.

Sanju Samson’s comments

Following the toss, Sanju Samson, the captain of RR, acknowledged the enthusiastic backing of the crowd towards Dhoni. He expressed his delight in playing the 200th match for RR and being a part of the team for a decade. Although he hoped to witness the presence of pink in the stands, he acknowledged the overwhelming display of yellow, which he attributed to a particular reason, all while flashing a smile.

Rajasthan Royals Sanju Samson
RR skipper Sanju Samson acknowledged the crowd’s support for Dhoni, expressing his happiness to play RR’s 200th game

Samson’s comments show that he is not only appreciative of the crowd’s support but also acknowledges the reason for it. Dhoni’s association with CSK and their iconic yellow jersey has made him a fan favorite, regardless of the team he is playing for.

The impact of Dhoni’s popularity on IPL matches

Dhoni’s popularity has had a significant impact on IPL matches, particularly in terms of ticket sales and viewership. According to reports, matches featuring CSK have been selling out in record time, thanks to Dhoni’s massive fan following. Similarly, TV ratings for matches featuring Dhoni have been consistently high, indicating the huge interest in his cricketing career.

The overwhelming support for Dhoni has also been beneficial for other teams and players, as it has increased the overall popularity and visibility of the IPL. This has had a positive impact on the league’s revenue, making it one of the most lucrative T20 leagues in the world.


In conclusion, the recent comments made by RR skipper Sanju Samson on the overwhelming support for MS Dhoni in IPL 2023 matches show the impact that the legendary skipper has had on the league. Dhoni’s massive fan following has not only made him a fan favorite but has also contributed to the overall popularity and success of the IPL. With the league set to continue, it will be interesting to see how Dhoni’s popularity continues to shape the future of the IPL.