In the Indian Premier League (IPL), former India head coach Ravi Shastri has advised Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma to play a minimum of 50 balls to improve his batting form and help an inexperienced middle-order. However, Rohit’s IPL batting fluency has been in question for the past few years, prompting Shastri’s suggestion.

Revisit Approach and Batting Time

Shastri believes Rohit needs to “revisit” his approach in the IPL and focus on “batting time” to carry the team’s middle order. He advised Rohit to “relook at how he approaches his batting over a period of time” and to think of staying at the crease until the 14th or 15th over to score a significant 70 runs.

Simple Solution

To help Rohit Sharma stay at the crease for longer, Shastri proposed a “simple way of doing it” – to think of playing 50 balls, come what may. He encouraged Rohit to challenge himself and look to play those 50 balls, thinking that if he does, his team will be in a good position.

Shastri advised Rohit Sharma to play a minimum of 50 balls

Struggles and Ranking

Rohit’s IPL batting struggles are evident from his recent performances. Rohit’s IPL batting record has been unimpressive since 2021, as he has scored just 671 runs in 29 innings with a paltry average of 23.13 and a strike rate of 123.11, managing only one half-century in the process. As of April 11, Rohit ranks third-lowest in terms of average and fifth-lowest on strike rate among players who have scored 500 runs or more.

Importance of Captain’s Performance

Shastri emphasized the importance of Rohit’s performance as the team captain, saying that scoring runs would not only make his job easier but also lift the spirit of the dugout. Additionally, Rohit has led Mumbai Indians to win the IPL five times, and his performance is crucial to their chances of a successful season.


In conclusion, Shastri’s advice for Rohit Sharma to bat 50 balls is a simple yet effective solution to improve his batting form in the IPL. Moreover, If Rohit can stay at the crease for longer and score significant runs, he could carry Mumbai Indians’ inexperienced middle order and lead them to another successful season.