In a thrilling T20 Blast encounter, an RCB star Will Jacks came tantalizingly close to etching his name in the record books with a blistering display of power-hitting. The explosive batsman, representing Surrey, smashed five consecutive sixes in an over, narrowly missing out on the coveted feat of hitting six sixes. Let’s delve into the exhilarating innings and the impact it had on the match.

Unleashing a Torrent of Sixes

The Oval in London played host to a high-scoring showdown between cross-London rivals Surrey and Middlesex. Additionally, the stage was set for a run-fest as Surrey’s openers, Will Jacks and Laurie Evans, set the tone with a formidable 114-0 in the first 10 overs.

Jack’s Assault on the Bowler

Amidst the thunderous partnership, Will Jacks took a strike to face spinner Luke Hollman. With the crowd sensing something special, Jacks seized the opportunity and unleashed a brutal assault on Hollman. The first ball was dispatched over square for a resounding six, followed by a commanding shot over the bowler’s head for another maximum.

A Display of Raw Power

Jacks continued his assault with sheer dominance, smashing the third ball over mid-wicket with impeccable timing. Furthermore, the crowd’s excitement intensified as they witnessed Jacks’ strokeplay at its finest. Additionally, he effortlessly sent the fourth delivery sailing over the extra-cover boundary, leaving the spectators in awe. Moreover, a mis-hit slog from one knee accounted for his fifth consecutive six, leaving everyone on the edge of their seats.

Jacks dominated, thrilling the crowd with powerful hitting and impeccable timing, clearing the boundary effortlessly

Missed Opportunity and Redemption

Jacks and Evans began to stir the crowd and put pressure on the Middlesex team. Sensing the historic moment, Hollman attempted something ambitious but could only offer a thigh-high full-toss. Unfortunately, Jacks missed out on the golden opportunity as he swung too early, resulting in a comical drag shot and an anguished scream at the missed chance.

Falling Just Short

Despite falling agonizingly short of achieving six sixes in an over, Jacks’ power-hitting spree propelled him from 56 to 87 runs in that Hollman over. However, the young leg-spinner would find redemption as he held on to the catch that dismissed Jacks on 96, denying him a well-deserved century.

A Match of Batting Fireworks

Remarkably, the thrilling display of power hitting was just the tip of the iceberg in this exhilarating encounter. Surrey went on to post a mammoth total of 252 runs in their 20 overs. However, Middlesex displayed remarkable resilience, with every batter contributing to a record-breaking chase. In the end, they secured a victory with just four balls to spare.

A Day for the Batsmen

The contest held at The Oval exemplified a veritable haven for batting prowess. Furthermore, a tally of 252 runs was deemed marginally inadequate. In addition, an abundance of boundaries inundated the innings, while the bowlers struggled in their attempt to curtail the relentless onslaught orchestrated by the batsmen. Despite their utmost endeavors, the bowlers found themselves futilely pursuing the leather sphere as the batsmen continued to assert their dominance over the game with their masterful stroke-play.


Though the RCB star Will Jacks fell agonizingly short of achieving the elusive feat of six sixes in an over, his explosive innings left an indelible mark on the match. Cricket enthusiasts will remember the thrilling encounter at The Oval for the players’ sheer display of power hitting and their relentless pursuit of victory. As the T20 Blast continues, fans eagerly anticipate more breathtaking moments that push the boundaries of cricketing excellence.