Shadab Khan, the talented Pakistani all-rounder representing Sussex County Cricket Club, faced a challenging start to his T20 Vitality Blast debut. Unfortunately, his first appearance in the tournament was overshadowed by a distressing collision and subsequent injury. This unfortunate incident occurred during the match against Somerset, casting a cloud of concern over Shadab’s participation.

The Nasty Collision and Its Impact

During the game against Somerset, on the fourth ball of the seventh over, Shadab Khan and his teammate, Nathan McAndrew, collided while attempting to take a catch. The collision took place as Somerset’s Tom Kohler-Cadmore top-edged a delivery over extra cover. The force of the collision caused both fielders to fall to the ground, necessitating immediate medical attention and a pause in the match.

Shadab Khan’s Injury and Medical Protocol

Following the collision, Shadab Khan underwent a concussion protocol evaluation to assess his condition. As a precautionary measure, he was subsequently taken off the field. Meanwhile, his teammate, Nathan McAndrew, received medical treatment, including the concussion protocol, but was able to complete his four overs.

Shadab Khan's
Shadab was evaluated for a concussion, and taken off; McAndrew was treated, and continued bowling

Update on Shadab Khan’s Well-being

Sussex’s head coach, Paul Farbrace, provided an update on Shadab Khan’s condition, stating that he experienced some discomfort in his neck but was otherwise alright. The medical team closely monitored Shadab’s condition to ensure his well-being and recovery. Farbrace emphasized the importance of the players’ overall health and expressed relief that the situation was not more severe.

Farbrace: Shadab’s neck discomfort, but alright. The medical team monitors, no severe concerns

Impact on Shadab Khan’s Performance and Team

Due to the injury sustained in the collision, Shadab Khan was unable to continue bowling in the match. This setback provided an opportunity for Somerset to chase the target of 184 runs with relative ease. Shadab Khan contributed nine runs, including a six, while facing eight deliveries during the first innings.


Shadab Khan’s eagerly anticipated debut in the T20 Vitality Blast was marred by a regrettable collision and subsequent injury. However, the update from Sussex’s head coach indicates that Shadab is on the path to recovery. Cricket enthusiasts eagerly await his return to the field, hoping to witness his exceptional skills and contributions to the tournament.