In a thrilling T20 Blast clash Shaheen Afridi’s Perfect Yorker Stuns Jos Buttler. The match between Notts Outlaws and Lancashire witnessed an impressive display of bowling prowess by Afridi, as he made a significant impact with his exceptional delivery. This article delves into the mesmerizing moment and its implications on the game.

Afridi’s Clinical Yorker Leaves Buttler in Awe

Shaheen Afridi’s extraordinary bowling skills were on full display as he unleashed a perfectly executed yorker that stunned Jos Buttler. Moreover, the sheer precision and accuracy of Afridi’s delivery were commendable. In fact, it immediately became the highlight of the T20 Blast clash.

Afridi’s stunning Yorker, T20 Blast highlight

Buttler Falls Victim to Afridi’s Deadly Delivery

Lancashire’s star batsman, Jos Buttler, found himself at the receiving end of Shaheen Afridi’s lethal yorker. Consequently, the devastating delivery crashed into the stumps, resulting in Buttler’s dismissal. As a result, the crowd was left in awe of Afridi’s bowling prowess.

Afridi’s Impact Turning Point of the Match

The moment Shaheen Afridi’s yorker dismantled Jos Buttler’s stumps proved to be a pivotal turning point in the T20 Blast clash. Lancashire heavily relied on Buttler’s explosive batting, and his departure significantly impacted their chances of posting a formidable total.

Afridi’s Unforgettable Bowling Performance

Shaheen Afridi’s brilliant display of bowling continued to mesmerize the crowd throughout the match. His ability to consistently deliver accurate yorkers showcased his mastery of the craft. Afridi’s performance not only dismissed Buttler but also instilled fear in the opposing team’s batting lineup.

Shaheen Afridi's
Afridi mesmerizes brilliant Yorkers, instills fear

Afridi’s Legacy Establishing Himself as a Key Player

With his impeccable yorker, Shaheen Afridi left an indelible mark on the T20 Blast clash. Furthermore, he firmly established himself as a key player for Notts Outlaws. Importantly, his bowling skills proved instrumental in stifling Lancashire’s batting line-up. Consequently, he played a crucial role in securing victory for his team.


Shaheen Afridi’s stunning yorker that dismissed Jos Buttler in the T20 Blast clash was an unforgettable moment in the match. Afridi’s precision and skill showcased his ability to dominate the game with his bowling prowess. This remarkable performance further solidified Afridi’s status as a critical player for Notts Outlaws, leaving cricket fans eagerly anticipating his future exploits.