In a thrilling showdown of the T20 Blast, Somerset demonstrated their utter dominance, clinching their eighth victory in the Vitality T20 Blast 2023. The match witnessed a sensational display of batting excellence, wherein Somerset’s top order dazzled with their extraordinary performance. As well as it was Tom Banton’s remarkable and unconventional shot that mesmerized the crowd and emerged as the focal point of attention. Moreover, his audacious stroke stole the limelight and added an element of intrigue to the proceedings.

Somerset’s Top Order Shines

The top order of Somerset proved to be the cornerstone of their successful pursuit. Chasing a target of 187 runs, the opening batsmen, Tom Banton, and Will Smeed, provided a robust start to the innings. Banton, particularly, demonstrated his aggressive intent right from the outset, setting the tone for Somerset’s quest for victory. His partnership with Smeed established a solid foundation for the team’s triumph.

Tom Banton's Unconventional Shot
Somerset’s top order thrived, setting a solid foundation for victory

Banton’s Unconventional Stroke

Amidst Somerset’s impressive batting display, it was Tom Banton’s Unconventional Shot that seized everyone’s attention. On the second delivery of the fifth over, Banton faced a demanding ball outside the leg stump from Paul Walter. However, with remarkable anticipation and skill, he executed a reverse-swat stroke, propelling the ball soaring over backward point for a magnificent six. This audacious maneuver showcased Banton’s versatility and ability to innovate, injecting excitement into the match and leaving the spectators in awe.

Comparisons to Joe Root

Banton’s reverse-swat stroke instantly evoked parallels with Joe Root’s renowned reverse-sweeping technique. Root, the former captain of the English team, popularized the stroke and employed it with great effectiveness in numerous matches, including the prestigious Ashes series. However, The similarity between Banton’s stroke and Root’s distinctive maneuver initiated debates and underscored Root’s significant impact on modern-day cricket. Additionally, the resemblance between their strokes further accentuated the influence Root has exerted on the sport.

Social Media Frenzy and Public Response

Following Banton’s extraordinary stroke, social media platforms were buzzing with discussions and reactions from fans and cricket enthusiasts. The video of Banton’s reverse-swat six quickly went viral, with users expressing their astonishment and drawing parallels to Joe Root’s batting style. The public’s fascination with this unconventional stroke further contributed to Banton’s growing reputation as an exciting young talent.

Banton’s stroke went viral, captivating fans and drawing comparisons to Root


Somerset’s resounding victory in the T20 Blast stemmed from the exceptional performance of their top order, with Tom Banton leading the charge through his impressive innings. Banton’s unconventional stroke, reminiscent of Joe Root’s mastery of the reverse sweep, ignited a sense of excitement among both fans and commentators.

Furthermore, this match serves as a testament to the ever-evolving nature of cricket, where players consistently strive to innovate and introduce new strokes to challenge traditional techniques. As Somerset continues its journey in the T20 Blast, the cricketing world eagerly awaits the opportunity to witness more awe-inspiring displays from Tom Banton and his fellow teammates.