After India’s loss in the World Test Championship (WTC) final against Australia, former captain Sourav Ganguly has made a fervent appeal for the return of Hardik Pandya to Test cricket. Ganguly, known for his astute cricketing insights, believes that Pandya’s inclusion in the Test team could strengthen India’s chances of future success. This article explores Ganguly’s appeal, highlighting the reasons behind it and the potential benefits of Pandya’s return to the Test format.

Ganguly’s Confidence in Pandya’s Abilities

Sourav Ganguly, in his appeal, expressed his belief in Hardik Pandya’s cricketing abilities. Moreover, Ganguly has been impressed by Pandya’s recent performances as an all-rounder in limited-overs cricket. With his explosive batting and useful seam bowling, Pandya has unequivocally proven himself a valuable asset to the team.

Sourav Ganguly
Ganguly confident in Pandya’s cricketing prowess, impressed by recent performances as an all-rounder

Need for Fearless Approach in Test Cricket

Ganguly emphasized the importance of a fearless approach in Test cricket, particularly in high-stakes matches. He believes that Pandya’s aggressive style of play and his ability to take on challenging situations could provide a significant boost to the Indian team in Test matches.

India’s Talent Pool and Test Cricket Future

Ganguly cautioned against making hasty judgments about India’s Test cricket future based solely on their loss in the WTC final. Furthermore, he highlighted the country’s rich talent pool. In addition, Ganguly mentioned promising young players like Yashasvi Jaiswal, Devdutt Padikkal, and Shubman Gill, who could contribute to India’s success in Test cricket alongside established players like Virat Kohli and Cheteshwar Pujara.

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Pandya’s Previous Test Record

To reinforce his appeal, Ganguly referred to Hardik Pandya’s previous performances in Test cricket. Pandya has accumulated 532 runs at an average of 31.29, comprising four half-centuries and one century. He has also taken 17 wickets, with a five-wicket haul to his name. These statistics demonstrate Pandya’s potential as a genuine all-rounder in the Test format.

Sourav Ganguly
Ganguly cites Pandya’s Test stats and highlights all-round potential

Pandya’s Determination to Earn His Spot

Before the WTC final, Pandya had expressed his determination to earn his place in the Test team. He acknowledged the need to go through the grind and prove himself in domestic cricket before making a comeback. This displays Pandya’s commitment to the game and his understanding of the importance of performing at his best in Test matches.


Sourav Ganguly’s appeal for Hardik Pandya’s return to Test cricket after India’s WTC final loss carries significant weight. Ganguly’s confidence in Pandya’s abilities, coupled with the need for a fearless approach in Test cricket, makes a compelling case for Pandya’s inclusion in the Test team. With India’s rich talent pool and Pandya’s previous Test record, his return could provide the team with a valuable all-rounder who can make a significant impact. It remains to be seen whether Pandya will heed Ganguly’s appeal and work towards earning his spot in the Test team once again.