In a thrilling encounter between Gloucestershire and Hampshire in the exhilarating T20 Blast tournament, Zafar Gohar, a left-arm spinner from Pakistan, delivered a mesmerizing arm ball that leaves Ben McDermott Stunned. This captivating piece delves into the extraordinary delivery that uprooted McDermott’s middle stump, meticulously analyzing its profound impact on the game while highlighting Gohar’s remarkable bowling prowess.

The Impeccable Delivery

Zafar Gohar leaves McDermott stunned with his exceptional delivery of the arm ball. Employing a high-arm release, he combined breathtaking speed with impeccable precision, leaving spectators in awe. The back-of-length delivery, executed with utmost accuracy, sharply veered back, defying McDermott’s defenses and dislodging the middle stump.

Zafar Gohar Stunned McDermott
Gohar’s exceptional arm ball stunned McDermott, showcasing his variations and spin expertise

However, McDermott, renowned for his formidable batting skills, found himself stunned and helpless against Gohar’s masterful execution. This delivery not only showcased Gohar’s ability to outwit experienced batsmen with his subtle variations but also underscored his expertise as a left-arm spinner.

Game-Changing Implications

The dismissal of a pivotal batsman like McDermott had a momentous impact on Hampshire’s innings. McDermott’s wicket shattered their momentum and propelled Gloucestershire into a position of dominance. With their key player back in the pavilion prematurely, Hampshire struggled to accelerate their scoring rate, ultimately finishing with a modest total of 158-7. Gohar’s delivery not only swung the game in favor of Gloucestershire but also demoralized the opposition, setting the tone for the remainder of the match.

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Gohar’s Exemplary Bowling Prowess

Zafar Gohar’s exceptional arm-ball not only led to McDermott’s dismissal but also served as a testament to his bowling brilliance throughout the entire match. In the span of three overs, Gohar conceded a mere 18 runs, tightening the screws on Hampshire’s batsmen. Furthermore, His exceptional control, unwavering accuracy, and ability to deceive the opposition with subtle variations make him an imposing force as a left-arm spinner. Gohar’s awe-inspiring performance not only demonstrated his immense value as a crucial asset for Gloucestershire but also highlighted his potential for future excellence at the international level.

Zafar Gohar: Arm-ball brilliance, valuable for Gloucestershire, international potential


Zafar Gohar’s breathtaking arm ball that left Ben McDermott dumbfounded in the T20 Blast match became a defining moment. The delivery magnificently showcased Gohar’s extraordinary skills as a left-arm spinner and exerted a profound influence on the outcome of the game. As Gohar consistently impresses with his bowling brilliance, he undoubtedly remains a player to watch out for in upcoming matches and tournaments.