Starc warns SL batter. Nasser Hussain, on air, had spotted Starc informing the umpire about Kusal Perera’s act in the previous two deliveries

In the wake of a stellar start from the two Sri Lanka openers, Pathum Nissanka and Kusal Perera, both of whom scores their respective half-centuries. Australia’s Mitchell Starc might have regretted having not dismissed the latter run out at the non-striker’s end at the very start of the World Cup 2023. They later went on to stitch a 125-run stand to hand Sri Lanka the perfect start in the almost must-win game for either side with Perera notching up 78 off 82.

SL vs Aus

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The Controversy Surrounding ‘Run Out at the Non-Striker’s End’ as a Form of Dismissal in Cricket (Starc warns SL batter).

Despite ‘run out at the non-striker’s end’ being a legitimate form of dismissal and well within the spirit of the game, players have often been reluctant to use this form of dismissal. In fact, Law 38.3, which pertains to the “Non-striker leaving his/her ground early,” states: “At any time from the moment the ball comes into play. Until the instant, the bowler normally has been expect to release the ball.”

Starc bowling

However, on Monday, in the fourth ball of the very first over, Starc merely gave Perera a warning. Despite the Sri Lanka batter being well outside the crease at the non-striker’s end when the fast bowler had pulled up in his run-up. After an unsuccessful review for an LBW chance in the first ball. Starc spotted Perera looking to get a head start in every other delivery and hence. Instead of bowling the fourth delivery, he stopped and told the batter “Don’t leave your crease” according to Nasser Hussain, who was in the commentary box.

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The former England captain added that he had spotted Starc informing the umpire about Perera’s act in the previous two deliveries. He said: “After the first ball Starc had a little word with the umpire, Kusal Perera just leaving his crease. He was saying to Kusal Perera ‘Don’t leave your crease’.

Mitchell Starc’s Approach to Non-Striker’s Run-Out Warnings in Cricket:

Starc, wary of Perera’s act despite the warning, had stopped once again in the final ball of the fifth over. But this time the batter was seemingly inside the crease.

This wasn’t the first time Starc refrained from running out a batter at the non-striker’s end. Last December, in the home Test series against South Africa. He had warned batter Theunis de Bruyn against leaving the crease early during the second Test in Melbourne.

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