Sussex County Cricket Club, founded in 1839, holds a special place in English cricket history. With a proud legacy spanning over 180 years, Sussex CCC has established itself as one of the most respected and successful cricket clubs in England. This article aims to provide an in-depth exploration of the club, highlighting its historical background, notable achievements, iconic players, and its enduring impact on the sport.

Historical background:

One of the oldest cricket clubs in England, Sussex CCC can be traced back to the founding of the Sussex County Cricket Club in 1839. The club quickly rose to prominence and was included in the first County Championship in 1890, securing its position as one of the top county teams.

The First Central County Ground in Hove:

The 1st Central County Ground, located in Hove, has been the home of Sussex CCC since 1872. The charming stadium, known for its picturesque setting and charming pavilion, has hosted a number of historic games. The County Ground offers cricket fans an intimate and lively atmosphere with seating for more than 7,000 spectators.

Important accomplishments:

The Sussex CCC has a track record of noteworthy triumphs, solidifying its position as an effective cricket team. Six times, in 2003, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, and 2019, the club has won the County Championship. These achievements demonstrate Sussex CCC’s capacity for top-tier competition and dedication to excellence.

Iconic Performers:

There are a number of legendary players who made their mark on the sport while playing for Sussex CCC. One such name is Imran Khan, the legendary Pakistan all-rounder who played for Sussex from 1971 to 1976. Imran was a tough member of the team due to his superb bat and ball skills. Mushtaq Ahmed, John Snow, and Jim Parks are three other well-known individuals connected to Sussex CCC who each made a substantial contribution to the club’s success.

Supporters of English cricket:

Cricket in England has benefited greatly from the formation and promotion of Sussex CCC. Numerous players who have played for the national team came from the club, which has been a haven for exceptional talent. Additionally, Sussex CCC’s dedication to developing young cricketers through its youth development programs has been instrumental in shaping the future of the sport.

Community Participation:

Community involvement is highly valued by Sussex CCC, which has launched a number of programmes to advance grassroots cricket. The club works closely with neighbourhood clubs, schools, and organisations to offer coaching programmes, talent-spotting initiatives, and community activities. These initiatives have inspired subsequent generations and helped spread a passion of cricket within the neighbourhood.

Female Cricket:

The Sussex CCC has demonstrated a strong commitment to supporting women’s cricket and gender equality in the game. The club fields a successful women’s squad that participates in local competitions, giving gifted female cricketers a chance to demonstrate their abilities. The commitment of Sussex CCC to women’s cricket has helped the women’s game develop and gain popularity.


Because of its illustrious history, extensive tradition, and dedication to excellence, Sussex County Cricket Club is regarded as a towering figure in English cricket. Sussex CCC has made a significant contribution to the sport with major accomplishments in the County Championship, a legacy of legendary players, and a strong emphasis on community participation. The club’s influence and commitment to the game will surely last as it moves forward, influencing cricket for future generations.

sussex ccc squad

Sussex CCC Squad:

Sussex squad
Tom AlsopHigh Wycombe, 26/11/1995LHB WK
Jofra ArcherBridgetown, Barbados, 01/04/1995RHB RF
Jamie AtkinsRedhill, 02/05/2002RHB RMF
Ravi Bopara (T20 captain)Forest Gate, 04/05/1985RHB RM
Michael Burgess (loan from Warwickshire, for T20)Epsom, 08/07/1994RHB WK
George BurrowsWigan, 22/06/1998RHB RMF
Jack CarsonCraigavon, 03/12/2000RHB OB
Oliver CarterEastbourne, 02/11/2001RHB WK
Tom ClarkHaywards Heath, 02/07/2001LHB RM
James ColesAylesbury, 02/04/2004RHB SLA
Henry CrocombeEastbourne, 20/09/2001RHB RMF
Bradley Currie08/11/1998RHB LFM
Steven FinnWatford, 04/04/1989RHB RFM
Bertie Foreman13/05/2004LHB OB
George GartonBrighton, 15/04/1997LHB LMF
Tom Haines (Championship/One-Day Cup captain)Crawley, 28/10/1998LHB RM
Tom HinleyFrimley, 05/02/2003LHB SLA
Fynn Hudson-PrenticeHaywards Heath, 12/01/1996RHB RMF
Sean HuntGuildford, 07/12/2001RHB LMF
Dan IbrahimBurnley, 09/08/2004RHB RFM
Aristides KarvelasJohannesburg, SA, 20/03/1994RHB RMF
Shadab Khan (Overseas, T20)Mianwali, Pakistan, 04/10/1998RHB LB
Archie LenhamEastbourne, 23/07/2004RHB LBG
Nathan McAndrew (Overseas)Wollongong, Australia, 14/07/1993RHB RMF
Tymal MillsDewsbury, 12/08/1992RHB LMF
Alastair OrrEastbourne, 06/04/2001LHB WK
Cheteshwar Pujara (Overseas)Rajkot, India, 25/01/1988RHB LB
Delray RawlinsBermuda, 14/09/1997LHB SLA
Ollie RobinsonMargate, 01/12/1993RHB RM
Joe SarroEastbourne, 27/01/2002RHB RM
Henry Shipley (Overseas)Darfield, NZ, 10/05/1996RHB RMF
Charlie Tear12/06/2004RHB WK
Harrison WardOxford, 25/10/1999LHB OB