Tomas Mackintosh, a 19-year-old wicketkeeper-batsman, was raised in Spain and had never played cricket before relocating to South Africa. Quinton de Kock is a hero to Tomas, a wicketkeeper who was born in Madrid. He afterwards moved to Scotland in order to attend Merchiston.

Tom rapidly developed an interest in other school sports like rugby but felt most at home on the cricket pitch because competitive cricket can only be played in Scotland during the summer semester. He is the one of the Youngest Cricket Player of Scotland. He was Born in Nov 2003, Now in 2023  he is 19 year old. His career start now. He is youngest and ggod player. Rising star of durham get started his career. Now he played  T20 blast. His t20 career start.

Tomas Mackintosh
Tomas Mackintosh

Tom was invited to the school’s XI journey to Sri Lanka in April 2017 after impressing his year group teams for a few years. Since the Sri Lanka trip, Tom has been a member of the larger Scotland performance team. Tom excelled while playing senior cricket at Grange and for the school XI.

Player Profile:

Player NameTomas Mackintosh
Born1 Nov 2003

History Records:

He is a WK-Batsman in cricket. Records for Tomas Mackintosh’s runs per game are 18.6 runs in DODI. 60% in DODI are T Mackintosh’s match catch chances. In DODI, T Mackintosh makes a boundary once every 9.7 balls. In DODI, Tomas Mackintosh makes six out of every 150.0 balls.

Tomas Mackintosh
Tomas Mackintosh

In DODI, He scores four times out of every 10.4 balls. In DODI, Tomas Mackintosh’s field odds are 60%. T Mackintosh hits with his right hand. On November 1, 2003, he was born. Madrid is the birthplace of T. Mackintosh. He plays crickets as Wk-Batsman. He rishing star of Dhuram and stuning player. In Futrure he made great name in cricket and make history.