Amidst the ongoing dispute surrounding Sarfaraz Khan’s exclusion from the Indian cricket team, the Mumbai Cricket Board staunchly rebuffs the allegations made against Sarfaraz’s exuberant display during a Ranji Trophy match. The board clarifies that the celebration was not a direct response to the selectors, as claimed, but rather an earnest homage to his teammates. This article delves into the Mumbai Cricket Board’s comprehensive response, shedding light on the context of Sarfaraz’s celebration and addressing the accusations leveled against him.

The Mumbai Cricket Board’s Counterstatement

Taking a resolute stand, the Mumbai Cricket Board firmly asserts that Sarfaraz Khan’s celebratory actions were not intended as a protest against the selectors. Instead, the board contends that the jubilation was an impulsive manifestation of relief and elation, primarily dedicated to the teammates who had steadfastly supported him throughout the match.

Sarfaraz Khan's
Mumbai Cricket Board clarifies Sarfaraz’s celebration was not a protest, but gratitude toward teammates

Unraveling the Context of Sarfaraz Khan’s Celebration

To grasp the significance of Sarfaraz’s exultation, it is imperative to consider the immense pressure he confronted during the match. Insider sources close to Sarfaraz unveiled that he played a pivotal role in rescuing the team from a precarious situation, ultimately leading them to victory. The celebration, then, became a natural outpouring of emotions, symbolizing the alleviation of pressure and the gratification derived from achieving a remarkable milestone.

The Alleged Accusation of Finger-Pointing

One of the primary accusations leveled against Sarfaraz Khan’s celebration was the alleged finger-pointing gesture directed at the selectors. However, the Mumbai Cricket Board clarifies that the selector present during the match was Salil Ankola, not Chetan Sharma.

Sarfaraz Khan's
Sarfaraz Khan’s Celebration: Gratitude, not criticism

Moreover, insiders close to Sarfaraz emphasize that the celebration was never intended as a derogatory gesture. Instead, it was a spontaneous act with Sarfaraz gesturing toward the dressing room to acknowledge the unwavering support he received from his teammates and coach Amol Mujumdar.

Refuting the Coach’s Disapproval

Another allegation brought forth was the disapproval of Sarfaraz Khan’s demeanor by Madhya Pradesh coach Chandrakant Pandit. However, sources close to Sarfaraz vehemently refute these claims, underscoring the enduring bond between Sarfaraz and Pandit. According to the sources, Pandit has always treated Sarfaraz like a son and consistently expressed support and affection toward him. Hence, it seems that the accusation of dissatisfaction from the coach lacks foundation.


In conclusion, the Mumbai Cricket Board vehemently rebuts the allegations against Sarfaraz Khan’s celebration during a Ranji Trophy match. The board stresses that the celebration did not target the selectors but instead functioned as a sincere tribute to his teammates.

The contextual backdrop of the match and the spontaneous nature of the celebration lends credence to this explanation. Furthermore, insider sources contradict the allegations regarding the coach’s disapproval of Sarfaraz’s demeanor, asserting the strong bond between Sarfaraz and coach Chandrakant Pandit. As the controversy rages on, it is crucial to consider all perspectives and rely on accurate information to form an equitable assessment of the situation.