The Indian Premier League (IPL) 2023 finale between MS Dhoni’s Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and Hardik Pandya’s Gujarat Titans was a nail-biting affair, keeping cricket fans on the edge of their seats. Among the spectators were popular Bollywood actors Vicky Kaushal and Sara Ali Khan, who witnessed CSK’s fifth IPL win live at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. Their energetic and enthusiastic reaction to CSK’s victory quickly went viral, capturing the attention of fans across social media platforms.

Vicky and Sara’s Electric Atmosphere at the Stadium

Vicky Kaushal and Sara Ali Khan actively shared moments from their time at the stadium, effectively engaging with their followers on social media. Their excitement and anticipation for the match were palpable, thereby creating an electric atmosphere in the stands. As the game unfolded, fans eagerly awaited their favorite celebrities’ reactions, eagerly anticipating the thrill of the upcoming moments.

A Viral-Worthy Video

In a video shared by the actors, Vicky and Sara can be seen giving each other a high-five in celebration of CSK’s win. The sheer joy and jubilation on their faces clearly reflected the thrilling climax of the match. The video quickly went viral, amassing thousands of likes, shares, and comments within hours.

Vicky and Sara’s viral high-five celebrates CSK’s win

Sara Ali Khan’s Enthusiasm

Sara Ali Khan, renowned for her infectious energy, mirrored Vicky Kaushal’s excitement. She passionately cheered and applauded during the match, offering glimpses of her enthusiasm on social media. Fans appreciated her spirited support for CSK and relished observing her authentic passion for the sport.

The Impact of the Viral Reaction

Vicky and Sara’s viral reaction to CSK’s win garnered immense attention and became a trending topic on various online platforms. Fans, cricket enthusiasts, and even those unfamiliar with the sport were captivated by the duo’s infectious energy and genuine joy. The video became a source of inspiration and entertainment, bringing people together in celebrating the victorious moment.

CSK's IPL win
Vicky and Sara’s viral reaction to CSK’s win captivates fans and unites people in celebration


Vicky Kaushal and Sara Ali Khan’s viral reaction to CSK’s IPL win not only showcased their love for cricket but also demonstrated the unifying power of sports. As well as Their electrifying presence at the stadium and the subsequent viral video captured the hearts of fans worldwide. The genuine excitement and jubilation displayed by the actors served as a reminder of the unbridled joy that sports can bring. With their memorable reaction, Vicky and Sara added an extra layer of entertainment and celebration to the IPL 2023 final.