Won’t call Mathews back. Shakib Al Hasan stood firm on his decision not to withdraw the timed-out appeal against Sri Lanka’s Angelo Mathews during the BAN vs SL World Cup 2023 match.

Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan has no regrets about firstly, appealing for timed out against Angelo Mathews and then not withdrawing it despite being asked by the umpires during a World Cup 2023 match in Delhi on Monday. On-field umpires Marais Erasmus and Richard Illingworth – two vastly experienced ICC Elite Panel match officials – asked Shakib twice if he would want to withdraw the appeal, said the fourth umpire, Adrian Holdstock but the Bangladesh all-rounder did not change his mind. As a result, Mathews became the first cricketer in the history of international cricket to be given timed out.

Bangladesh’s captain Shakib Al Hasan gestures during the 2023 ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup match vs Sri Lanka(AFP)
Bangladesh’s captain Shakib Al Hasan gestures during the 2023 ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup match vs Sri Lanka(AFP). I Won’t call Mathews back.
According to Rule 40.1.1 of ICC’s playing conditions, “After the fall of a wicket or the retirement of a batter, the incoming batter must, unless time has been called, be ready to receive the ball or for the other batter to be ready to receive the next ball within two minutes of the dismissal or retirement. If this requirement is not met, the incoming batter will be out, timed out.”

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‘Umpires asked me whether, I said no’: Shakib (Won’t call Mathews back)

Shakib said he was just playing according to the laws of the game and if anyone has a problem with that he should ask the ICC to change the rules.

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“I appealed to the umpires, and the umpire told me whether you’re going to call him back or not, if I said he’s out, then you call him back, it doesn’t look good. I said I won’t call him back,” Shakib said in the post-match press conference after Bangladesh won the heated match by three wickets.

“Well, then ICC should look into it and change the rules,” the Bangladesh captain said when asked about the spirit of cricket.

He added: “It’s in the laws. I don’t know if it’s right or wrong, but I had to take a decision to, you know, make sure that my team wins, and whatever I had to do, I have to do it,” Shakib, who adjudged Player of the Match for his 82 off 65 and 2/57 with the ball.

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Controversial Dismissal of Angelo Mathews in Sri Lanka vs. Bangladesh Match

The incident took place in the 25th over of the Sri Lankan innings. Mathews wasn’t ready to face his first ball within two minutes of the previous dismissal — as confirmed by the fourth umpire — after his helmet strap broke and he called for a replacement helmet.

By the time a teammate ran out with a new helmet, more than three minutes had elapsed. When Bangladesh appealed, on-field umpires Erasmus and Illingworth had a lengthy discussion. Upon knowing that Bangladesh wouldn’t withdraw the appeal, they decided to give the marching orders to Mathews, much to the disappointment of the Sri Lankan camp.

Mathews, a former Sri Lankan captain, however, disagreed with the fourth umpire’s version. He claimed the Sri Lankan team had visual evidence to prove that about five seconds were remaining on the clock when he was at the crease. He couldn’t take the strike because his helmet strap broke.

“Yeah, because I haven’t done anything wrong. I had two minutes to get to the crease and get myself ready, which I did. And then it was an equipment malfunction…

“…We have the video evidence where from the time the catch taken, and then from the time I walked into the crease. I still had five seconds after breaking my helmet. So, we talk about the safety of the players – you guys tell me if It’s right for me to take my guard without my helmet on? It’s just pure common sense,” he said.

As far as the match was concerned, Bangladesh chased down Sri Lanka’s 280-run target with 8.5 overs and 7 wickets to spare.

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