In T20 Blast Clash Zaman Khan showcased an exceptional display of bowling prowess, leaving a trail of destruction in the match against Northants. His devastating spell dismantled the Northant’s batting lineup, resulting in the crucial dismissal of three key players. With precision and skill, Zaman Khan’s remarkable performance played a significant role in Derbyshire’s victory.

Unleashing Deadly Yorkers with Precision

Zaman Khan’s bowling arsenal comprised lethal yorkers that proved to be the undoing of Northants’ batsmen. Employing precision and accuracy, Zaman consistently targeted the base of the leg stump, leaving the opposition with little chance to defend. The effectiveness of his yorkers was evident as he claimed three crucial wickets during his spell.

Zaman Khan's
Zaman Khan’s lethal yorkers dismantle Northants’ batting

A Game-Changing Delivery to Remove Gay

One of the highlights of Zaman’s spell was the dismissal of Gay, who was on the cusp of reaching a half-century. With Northants‘ total comfortably past 100, Gay posed a significant threat to Derbyshire’s chances. However, Zaman delivered an immaculate delivery that zeroed in on the base of the leg stump. The sheer power and precision of the delivery resulted in the complete uprooting of the leg stump, leaving Gay with no option but to walk off the field in disbelief.

Breaking Zaib’s Resistance with a Perfect Yorker

After dismissing Gay, Zaman set his sights on Saif Zaib, who initially displayed some resilience against the Derbyshire attack. However, Zaib’s resistance was short-lived as he fell victim to another well-executed yorker from Zaman. The full-pitched delivery proved too much for Zaib, as he could only manage to chip the ball to midwicket. Zaman’s ability to consistently deliver crushing yorkers showcased his command over the art of bowling.

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Sealing the Spell with a Clinical Finish

With his spell nearing its end, Zaman Khan produced another impactful delivery in the final over. Andrew Tye faced the brunt of Zaman’s accuracy as he saw his off-stump being uprooted by a perfectly-pitched ball. The force behind the delivery caused the base of the stump to dislodge once again, leaving Tye dismissed and the Northants’ innings in tatters. Zaman’s clinical finish ensured that he ended his spell with exceptional figures of 3-26.

Zaman’s Bowling Heroics Propel Derbyshire to Victory

Zaman Khan’s devastating bowling spell proved to be a game-changer for Derbyshire, as they successfully defended their target against Northants. His ability to consistently deliver deadly yorkers and claim three crucial wickets played a pivotal role in dismantling the opposition’s batting lineup. Zaman’s exceptional performance not only secured victory for Derbyshire but also cemented his status as a formidable bowler.

Zaman Khan’s lethal spell seals Derbyshire’s win and solidifies his bowling prowess


Zaman Khan’s blistering spell against Northants showcased his mastery of the craft, as he decimated the opposition’s batting lineup with lethal yorkers. His ability to claim three crucial wickets, including the dismissal of a well-set batsman, proved to be a turning point in the match. Zaman’s remarkable performance propelled Derbyshire to victory, leaving a lasting impact on the game and establishing him as a force to be reckoned with in the world of cricket.